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Let Wingtip be your guide on the Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt
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Hoot knows how to stay out of the quicksand Quicksand
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Hoot's Color Page
Quicksand Parents' Info
Go trailblazing with Rivera Trailblazing
Snappy Safari
Operation Lifesaver
Rivera's Color Page
Trailblazing Parents' Info
Ethel can help you prevent fires Fire Pit
Ethel's Color Page
Fire Pit Parents' Info
Learn about safe outdoor play with Sydney The Jungle Gym
Sydney's Color Page
The Jungle Gym Parents' Info
Red will show you safety down on the farm The Barnyard
Red's Color Page
The Barnyard Parents' Info
Darwin tells you how to call for help The Treehouse
Darwin's Color Page
The Treehouse Parents' Info
Elvis the otter likes the water The Swimming Hole
Elvis's Color Page
The Swimming Hole Parents' Info
Home Safe Home with Maxine Base Camp
Maxine's Recipes
Maxine's Color Page
Base Camp Parents' Info
Stretch helps you prepare for bad weather The Lookout Tower
Dress-up Game
Stretch's Color Page
The Lookout Tower Parents' Info

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