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A Parents' Checklist: Childproofing Your Home
  Are crib slats no more than 2 3/8 inches apart?
  Does the crib mattress fit snug against the crib railing?
  Are windows locked or blocked to keep children from falling out?
  Are toddler gates properly installed and used?
  Do you use doorknob covers and door locks to keep children out of closets or other areas that might pose risks? (Doorknob covers spin freely when a child tries to grip the knob, but adults and larger children can easily open the door.)
  Are patio door locks installed on the upper frame of sliding doors?
  Are extension cords kept out of sight?
  Are plastic covers plugged into unused electrical outlets?
  Do you have a home first aid kit?
  Are toys free of loose parts, sharp edges, and long cords?
  Have you secured the pull cord for blinds out of children's reach?
  Do you have locking cabinets for matches, lighters, household cleaners, medicines, garden and lawn chemicals, auto chemicals, guns, rifles, etc?
  Are bookshelves and other furniture secured with wall brackets so they can't be tipped over?
  Do you have the poison center phone number immediately available (1-800-222-1222)?
  Is ammunition stored in a locked cabinet separate from firearms?
  Are plastic bags stored out of children's reach?
  Does your fireplace have a metal fire screen that completely covers the fireplace?
  Are carbon monoxide (CO) alarms installed within ten feet of each bedroom to help prevent CO poisoning?
  Does sharp-edged furniture have edge guards?
  Is your home free of chipping or peeling paint?
  Do you know which plants are poisonous?
  Are poisonous plants out of children's reach?
  Have you created a safe area in your home? Consider childproofing an entire area, and then use gates to enclose it. Safe areas can help prevent access to outside doors, stairways, the bathroom, kitchen or garage.

Most of these childproofing items can be found at any local hardware store. But remember that childproofing can never be 100 percent effective. Thats why its so important to supervise your children at all times. This checklist can help you start thinking about childproofing your home. For more information, see our fact sheets listed on the previous page and:

National Safety Council
Safe Kids Worldwide
Consumer Product Safety Commission

Lowe's Home Safety Council
National Safety Council

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