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By using appropriate safety gear and following basic safety guidelines, most scooter-related injuries can be prevented. The National Safety Council recommends the following:
  Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Web site ( for a complete list of recalls.
  Children should always wear a properly fitting helmet, and elbow and knee pads when riding a scooter.
  Children ages 8 and under should not use scooters without close adult supervision.
  Check the scooter often for hazards such as loose, broken or cracked parts; sharp edges on metal boards; slippery top surfaces and wheels with nicks and cracks. Defects should be corrected by a qualified repairperson.
  Confine riding to parks with paved paths or neighborhoods with sidewalks.
  Use extra caution when crossing driveways.
  Ride scooters on smooth, paved surfaces free from traffic. Avoid riding on streets or surfaces with water, sand, gravel or dirt.
  Never ride a scooter at night.
  Never hitch a ride from a car, bus, truck, bicycle, etc.
  Limit use of the scooter to one person at a time.
  Use caution when riding the scooter downhill. If a steep hill is encountered, step off the scooter and walk to the bottom of the hill.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
National Safety Council

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