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Are 911 stickers, poison control numbers and other emergency numbers posted near your telephones?

Have your children memorized their home telephone number (including area code) and address, including city and state?

Do children know their last name and their parents' full names?

Have children been taught:
  If they are lost inside a store, to stay calm and go to the cash register?
  If they are outside, separated from the family or other group, to go to an agreed-upon landmark?
  Never to talk to strangers, except a trusted adult such as a police officer?
  Never to answer the door if home alone?
  A secret code word to use in case of emergency?
  To avoid strange animals and never go near wild animals?

Have babysitters been told:
  Never to leave children alone for even a second when they are awake?
  The location of phones, emergency numbers, first aid supplies, fire escape routes and potential hazards?

Do you know your neighbors?

This checklist can help you start thinking about helping children be safe when adults aren't around. For more information, see our fact sheets listed on the previous page and:

National Safety Council
Safe Kids Worldwide

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