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On-A-Roll Quiz
1. The round yellow sign with an X and the letters RR is called an advanced warning sign and it means:
A. there is a railroad yard nearby
B. slow down, you are approaching a railroad crossing
C. there is only one railroad track ahead
2. If your car is stuck on the tracks and a train is coming, you should:
A. keep trying to start the car until the train is really close
B. wait for help to arrive
C. get out of the car IMMEDIATELY and move far away from the tracks
3. It is very difficult to tell how far away a train is because:
A. an optical illusion fools the eye in judging distance and speed
B. you have not learned how
C. the train may suddenly speed up
4. A 100 car freight train traveling 55 miles per hour takes at least what distance to stop?
A. 1/4 mile
B. 1/2 mile
C. 1 mile
5. You can't tell when a train is going to be at a crossing because:
A. train schedules are not listed
B. trains do not have regular schedules
C. train schedules may not be correct
6. About every two hours, either a vehicle or a person is struck by a train in the United States.
A. true
B. false
7. Walking on or next to railroad tracks is illegal.
A. true
B. false
8. A locomotive engine is not always at the front of a train.
A. true
B. false
9. It is okay to cross the tracks just as soon as the last car of a train passes the crossing. True or false?
A. true
B. false
10. It is okay for pedestrians to ignore the flashing red lights at the crossing. True or false?
A. true
B. false
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