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Brain Teaser
1. Even if you're just driving around town at 35 miles an hour, the force of a crash is equal to:
A. doing a belly flop off the high diving board
B. falling down the stairs
C. jumping off a three-story building
2. Who can brace themselves in place with their arms in a car crash?
A. Hercules
B. professional wrestlers
C. dads
D. none of the above
3. Where should kids sit in a car to be safest?
A. in the front seat
B. in the back seat
C. on their parent's lap
4. People who aren't buckled up in a crash:
A. can get thrown out of the car
B. can hit their head on the windshield or another part of the car
C. can die in the crash
D. all of the above
5. Kids should sit in the back seat. But if you must sit in the front seat (like in a pickup truck where there isn't a back seat), and there's an air bag on the passenger side, you should:
A. push the seat back as far as possible and sit up straight
B. tuck your head between your knees
C. leave the seat belt unbuckled
6. When kids get too big for the child safety seats they used when they were little, they should ride in a booster seat until the car's seat belts fit them right (around age eight and 80 pounds).
A. true
B. false
7. Booster seats:
A. help kids see out the window better
B. make seat belts fit right (because the belts are designed for grownups)
C. keep kids safer if there's a crash
D. all of the above
8. Who should wear seat belts?
A. kids
B. drivers
C. everyone
9. It's okay to put the shoulder belt behind your back if it's cutting across your neck.
A. true
B. false
10. The biggest danger to kids is:
A. falling off playground equipment
B. traffic crashes
C. riding bikes
D. being kidnapped
Buckle Up!

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