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Mind Bender
1. A vehicle crash involves:
A. the vehicle's collision with another vehicle or object
B. a person's head or body slamming into the steering wheel, windshield or other parts of the car
C. internal organs bouncing around inside the body
D. all of the above
2. At 35 miles an hour, an unbelted passenger weighing 180 pounds can crash into the steering wheel, dashboard or windshield with a force greater than:
A. 900 pounds
B. 1,800 pounds
C. 3,600 pounds
3. If a passenger doesn't wear a seat belt, the driver's chances of being injured are:
A. increased
B. decreased
C. not affected
4. You don't need to wear your seat belt if you're just making a quick trip close to home.
A. true
B. false
5. Lap and shoulder belts can reduce the chances of serious injury by about:
A. 25%
B. 50%
C. 75%
6. If shoulder belts don't lock up tight when you pull on them, they won't hold you back in a crash.
A. true
B. false
7. In a crash, being thrown from a vehicle:
A. decreases the chance of being killed
B. doesn't make a difference
C. makes it four times more likely a person will be killed
8. Because seat belts are designed for adults, kids should ride in specially designed seats until they're about eight years old and 80 pounds for effective protection.
A. true
B. false
9. Wearing the lap belt but putting the shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back can cause injuries if there's a crash.
A. true
B. false
10. You know that a seat belt is fitting properly when:
A. the shoulder belt fits snug across your shoulder
B. the lap belt is snug below your hips
C. your knees can bend at the edge of the seat even when you sit all the way back
D. all of the above
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