North, South, East, West
   Which way should I go?
   Which way is best?
Watch for the arrows! Hint: If you move North from one spot to another, you'll want to go South to go back to the spot you came from. It's not hard — just watch for the arrow signs along the way. Pick out the place you want to go next and click on the arrow that points to it.
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   Here are all the places you can go at Safe-a-Rooni.

Scavenger Hunt with Wingtip
I know my way around this jungle better than anyone! Come with me and find the clue at each stop on the safari. Solve them all and earn a Safe-a-Rooni safari guide certificate.

Trailblazing with Rivera
When you move fast or traffic moves fast around you, you have to know how to stay safe.

Fire Pit with Ethel
If you play with fire, you're going to get burned!

The Jungle Gym with Sydney
With the right gear, you can play and stay safe.

The Barnyard with Red
There's so much to do on the farm and a lot of it is pretty dangerous.

The Treehouse with Darwin
It can be scary when you're by yourself or taking care of your little brother or sister. But if you know how to make good choices, you'll be fine.

The Swimming Hole with Elvis
Come on in. The water's fine -- as long as you know how to stay safe.

Base Camp with Maxine
There's no place like home, but there are a lot of places around the house where you really have to be careful.

The Lookout Tower with Stretch
Be alert and stay safe in all kinds of weather.

Quicksand with Hoot
Watch your step and listen to adults who know how to help you stay safe.

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Let Wingtip be your guide on the Scavenger Hunt Hoot knows how to stay out of the quicksand Stretch helps you prepare for bad weather Home Safe Home with Maxine Elvis the otter likes the water Darwin tells you how to call for help Red will show you safety down on the farm Learn about safe outdoor play with Sydney Ethel can help you prevent fires Go trailblazing with Rivera Safe-a-Rooni Homepage
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