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A Message for Parents

The Minnesota Safety Council, a chapter of the National Safety Council, is a private, not-for-profit organization, founded in 1928 and dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries ("accidents") through education. We offer training and consultation in workplace, traffic, home and community safety.

We care about the safety of children and the biggest risk to our children is unintentional injury. The goal of this Web site is to provide entertaining, educational activities for children that raise awareness of injury risks and safer choices. The site also contains information that can help adults protect children from injury. Children are invited to go on a "safety safari." Friendly animal characters in each area of the "jungle" focus on a particular safety issue. We use the device of a scavenger hunt to reinforce key safety messages and to encourage children to visit all areas of the site.

The Safe-a-Rooni Web site was funded with contributions from the Margaret Rivers Foundation, the Laura Musser Fund, Operation Lifesaver, Inc., The Foundation HealthSystem Minnesota, the American Public Health Association (in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Medical Association), HealthPartners, the Minneapolis Rotary Club, the Bayport Foundation, and the Minnesota Safety Council Board of Directors.

Privacy Policy

We will not obtain personally-identifying information about visitors to our site, unless they choose to provide such information to us. This information is private; we do not retain or distribute it.

We do request a first name and password for the site's Scavenger Hunt so that children can track their progress on this game. Since many children may use the same computer (at home or at school) a first name and password are used to construct a unique "identifier" (which does not actually identify the child) to do this tracking. However, we do not retain this information; it is stored in a browser-cookie on the computer used by the child. When children have completed the scavenger hunt they can print a certificate of completion; whatever name they enter on it is what is printed. Again we do not retain this information.

In one of our activities, children can choose to send postcards. The name and e-mail addresses of the sender and the receiver are stored for two weeks to allow enough time for the postcard to be retrieved. After two weeks this information is automatically deleted from our system. This information is private; we do not retrieve it nor is it used for any other purpose than the postcards. Also, children have the option of printing a card to mail if they don't want to enter an e-mail address.

We receive listings of general information about visitors to our site, including: the type and version of browsers used; the operating systems used by visitors (such as Windows or MacIntosh); the names of the domains from which they access the Internet (for example,,, etc.); the dates that visitors come to our site; the amount of time spent on the site; and the pages visited. None of this information is connected to any personally-identifying information.

We use this information to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, and to help make the site more useful.

If you identify yourself by sending an e-mail, we will delete that information from our records when we have responded to your message.

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